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Originally Posted by ninjacookies View Post
Actually yes, you're always fully protected against fraud if you don't pay via 'gifts' Paypal is a bank, they're full insured just like any other bank against chargebacks and loss. That's part of the money we pay with the ebay and paypal fees. Your statement couldn't be further from the truth.

Doesn't matter if a person uses a p.o. box, home address, fake alias, clears out their bank account, or leaves the country, paypal always gets their money back. Whether it be through using creditors or them just getting their money from insurance. Sorry but what you said is completely incorrect. Don't go putting out false information trying to scare people. I've actually been in a scenario as you mentioned where a powerseller on ebay took about 50k worth of money from people on fraudulent presales of bowman chrome baseball cases. Everyone got their money back, so long as they were within the 45 day period.
Than why did I never recieve my refunds? The seller provided no proof of shipment nor did I ever even hear back from neither of them? I was just fortunate both items were less than $20.I may be incorrect have no problem admitting so..I can't understand how Paypal could risk their long term $$$ if what you claim is indeed a fact.

As for your claim of me "scaring people" is what is far from the truth? I can post whatever the hell I want nobody has to believe me? Lay off the Internet juice...
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