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Originally Posted by danimal View Post
For all of you who say trust this Haiku guy, he is just going though some "stuff" right now. Please let me tell you what has really happened. I have seen this play out 2-3 times on this forum and it always ends with the thief stealing a massive amount of money. He set you all up with smaller deals just to steal all your money when he offers some huge dollar deals.

1. Member becomes known as great guy
2. Member completes lots of small deals at first and moves on to mid to higher priced deals.
3. Member starts offering a few great deals and quickly ships.
4. Member then offers some huge high dollar amazing deals and lot of people buy.
5. Member has "personal" problems and can't ship, nearly all communication stops.
6. Member gets suspended.
7. Member gets another member to post vague responses on his behalf, assuring everyone is ok.
8. At some point people come to the realization they have been scammed.
9. People start to blame BO - it's not really their fault but it happens everytime.
10. New thief comes around and does the same thing.

You folks who think this is not a scam are sadly mistaken, the folks who have been on the forum for 5+ years have seen this play out several times.
this is why most forums do not allow mystery lots

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