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SORRY TO ANYONE THINKING THEY WILL GET THEIR $$$ BACK FOR A MYSTERY LOT. The only claim that will get you your money back is an item not described claim... You cannot file an item not described claim... You bought a mystery lot
Maybe I shoulda said something earlier... something was too funny about the guy, he was the greatest guy ever lol but held contests that nobody could win just to show off his bigger name cards? (like taking a blowout contest that took thousands of members 14 weeks to win, and adding 12 props to it weekly to make it impossible = man that made me think he was a BIG douche) And why the hell would a guy with a ton of $$$ keep trying to sell the same Patrick Willis, Marshawn Lynch, John Wall, A. Rodgers, ETC over and over on numerous threads. Wouldn't he just chalk em up as a loss and move on? Sad to say, not so MERRY XMAS for some I see...
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