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Originally Posted by Ajax1723 View Post
Gonna post some names out there. The following are suspicious to me right now

***DISCLAIMER*** I do NOT have any conclusive evidence on any of these people, it is just a "person of interest" list.

stearclear, Braylon1, saketm92

All three of you have been connected to each other/to Haiku, and have either given no info, dissapeared, or very, VERY shady editing of posts, and now not giving any info.
Originally Posted by Braylon1 View Post
I'm the one who started the whole thread that unraveled this. I personally know Stearclear and he is someone who'd pay money for info that would lead him to "Jay" "Haiku" whoever he is. So hopefully that answers that enough. He is the one that warned me I was getting scammed by this guy before I was willing to believe it.
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