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Originally Posted by Clarka3 View Post
there is no bigger turn-off to joining a new online community than being asked for your CC information right away. I wouldn't have joined if I needed a credit card.

I can't stress this enough- there was NOTHING to do here that was BO's fault. Unless you expect them to be clairvoyant, in which case I want them to look into every box I order before they ship to make sure I get big hits. Nobody reported Haiku's mystery lots (against the rules) because. Because. I never partook and I always seemed to miss the threads anyway.

nah man, you still got me and Krup. we're golden.
Am I chopped liver? OMG I'm scamming since I sent that Kuechley sepia

Totally trying to win your trust and make off with a Shea McClellin
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