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Originally Posted by tnarg View Post
freeman2jackson came on as a scammer

his buddy did sports cards

Braylon1 is his buddy

the plot thickens

I don't remember the exact details, as it has been a few years, but while I was Mod/Admin on Freaks (before it was sold) we had big issues with pretty big card guy from Grand Rapids Michigan.

The only reason why I remember that is because he lived within a few miles of where all of my family lived.

If he hasn't moved, He lived in a APT. on Leonard Street.

Not saying Braylon1 is that guy. Just throwing this out there, as he is new to this site and already in firestorm of speculation.

Doesn't someone have an updated scammer list? I remember someone keeping something similiar that all sites could use to help fend off scammers...
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