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Originally Posted by Clarka3 View Post
Kyle, you just have to pay attention to the people you deal with. A lot of members get put on ignore if they seem "off" or get called out (and are indeed at fault). That makes dealing pretty easy.
Originally Posted by Wings View Post
I understand your point, but im not so sure.

I will continue to buy and sell here because ive never had a single problem.

For the most part people are good, and its sad that the actions of a few bad people can overshadow that.

I think we just need to realize no one is above the law, and not allow the "mystery lot" things or other things of that nature
Originally Posted by hotbox View Post
The majority of the people on here are good people. That's what I believe at least. Not trying to sway your opinion. Clarka offered great advice.
Completely agree with you guys, but the problem is at this point you just don't know who can and can't trust

This is the first time I've been scammed on here or on eBay in the approx. year that I've been in the hobby, and i always wondered how anyone could get scammed as it seemed so easy to see who was a good honest member and who wasn't. But the problem is that a few of those good and honest members no longer look like that to me after today

so maybe I'm just jaded by all this right now, but I'm just furious and don't know who I can and can't trust anymore
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