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Originally Posted by friarbolt View Post
I will admit I was not thinking of that based on your post. Probably because that doesn't really solve the problem, it's still in the hands of faceless people you met on the internet.

One good thing is going to come from all this, maybe finally all the gullible people on here will learn their lesson. Don't trust anyone on the internet. Period. I have avoided most crap just by being smart about things and ALWAYS looking over my shoulder and protecting myself on here. Even when I didn't think I needed to. The couple times I have gotten scammed were early on when I made exceptions for seemingly trustworthy people. That ended VERY quickly.

I have a set of PM's saved in my inbox from a deal from quite a while ago where the deal was already done and feedback was left just because the member seemed a little shady to me and I want time to pass in case he tries anything. Crazy you might say? I don't think so, especially after all this.
Yes and no. Just make the trusted possible third party give BO multiple forms of ID. Easy as that. BO has incase incase they scam. Let the traders give tips to the third party.
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