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Default I am in no way associated with Haiku other than as a friend...

Just got a PM from a member saying some people think I am associated with Haiku in some way. I am not, and actually have a pending deal with him right now that I am worried about just like the rest of you. I have talked to/dealt with Jay numerous times and the reason I have not been very vocal about all of this is because I'm in wait and see mode. I am not associated with him in any way other than us doing some deals and speaking regularly. Any of the members I have dealt with on here can vouch for me.

If anyone doesn't believe me or still feels like I am in some way involved in all of this feel free to PM me and I'll give you a call tomorrow. Headed out for the night for a couple hours, so I will not be able to respond here for that time period. I am going to refrain from getting upset as the time I'm supposed to receive my stuff has not passed...



Apolgize for the millionth thread on this, but I take it very seriously when I am accused of something.

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