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Originally Posted by Braylon1 View Post
I've been over this about 10 times, but I'll recap that again: I know Freeman2Jackson through bowling. Everything I've known of him is that he can come off as a jerk and is the most negative person I've ever met, but also he's a guy that always did what he told me he would and never has done wrong to me. I hired him to list my cards on Ebay. He did a good job at this then he had an issue with Mufasa (this issue I've said everytime in the past was handled poorly by him and not how I would've handled it). That being said it came out that he was a previously banned member on this site and although nobody has ever told me what scam he committed but that he was a scammer. At this point he ceased from doing work for me.

That is exactly what I explained to Haiku at the time and that is all that I believe he was referencing.

You and Haiku joining the board a week apart sort of sucks... then a banned member, who works for you, joins 3 months after that with a new account...and both are banned now for the same action

You got some real bad luck there.
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