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Originally Posted by iBLeeDBaTTLeReD View Post
Hate that my PO does that, the last 3 packages i had tracking on said delivered in the AM and didn't end up receiving until next day. Guess they don't understand that it may screw an ebay buyer if they update as delivered before actually delivering item and they end up losing or putting it in the wrong mail box
Jinxed myself, last item I was waiting on shows delivered since Friday at 6am and still hasn't arrived in my box. Went to the PO and they were useless. I swear those guys act like they had a d!ck surgically inserted in their arses.

Went up there with a copy of the tracking update and before I could even get a word out he tells me "oh someone must have stolen it from your porch" Seriously a #@#@#@#@ing bubble mailer left on my porch, I think not. He must have thought I was waiting on a box package or something.

Guy was a total douche, I'll be back up there at 7am raising hell with whoever is in charge. No Customer service skills whatsoever. If it doesn't arrive tomorrow I'll just ship out package with out the last item. Sorry to be so negative in this positve thread but damn I've just about had it with my PO. Always updating things as delivered and doesn't hit the box til the next day, wrong mail in my box at least once a week, and the way the guy handled the situation today just threw me over the top.
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