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Originally Posted by Braylon1 View Post
I've been over this about 10 times, but I'll recap that again: I know Freeman2Jackson through bowling. Everything I've known of him is that he can come off as a jerk and is the most negative person I've ever met, but also he's a guy that always did what he told me he would and never has done wrong to me. I hired him to list my cards on Ebay. He did a good job at this then he had an issue with Mufasa (this issue I've said everytime in the past was handled poorly by him and not how I would've handled it). That being said it came out that he was a previously banned member on this site and although nobody has ever told me what scam he committed but that he was a scammer. At this point he ceased from doing work for me.

That is exactly what I explained to Haiku at the time and that is all that I believe he was referencing.
So you have ceased doing business with him? When was this? Because you or him posing as you, left feedback for each other in October on ebay between your two accounts And you recently sold cards that can be linked to him. I have said it many times before. Something does not smell right. And funny that you met him through bowling because he scammed a bunch of people on bowling websites too.
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