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Default Bowman Prospect Challenge - Who Are the Top Projected Scorers?

The scoring system is going to be interesting to say the least, awarding bonus points for in season promotions and weighting statistical goals based on the level of competition (AAA vs Rookie Ball for instance). It also weights professional metrics that scouts covet (K/BB ratio, Slug %, etc) over traditional stats like ERA.

How to Play The Bowman Prospect Challenge

Based on this scoring system, who do you guys thinks will be the top scorers?

Matt Stites has the highest K/BB ratio of listed players I believe (60K's and only 3 BB's - wow). Luis Mateo is up there, Taylor Guerrieri too. All 3 have potential to advance rapidly.

As for hitters, Zunino, Vogelbach, Hunter Morris, all good Slug% with reasonable K rates.

And unless big league stats count as well, big names like Myers and Bundy might not be the best to add.

What do you guys think?
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