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Originally Posted by Clarka3 View Post
oh, i wasn't a Haiku fanboy as much as Qwasian tries to paint me out to be. His apparent betrayal didn't hurt me in any way since I didn't deal with the guy. Sure, entered giveaways with about half of Blowout, but didn't get all chummy with the guy like others have.

if you're referring to GBTN as the lowlife (not sure from your post), then I vehemently disagree that he's a lowlife.
So all you did was enter Haiku's giveaways? You never vouched for him or supported him when anyone dared to say something negative about him? You're not continuing to lead people to believe he may not be a scammer?

As for GatorBoy, anyone who decides to be friends with a sociopath like Sidthekid is not the kind of person I would vouch for. Then again, neither is Haiku . . .
Those who can, do. Those who can't resort to calling other people trolls.
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