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Posted this in a random old thread I saw in the football section while reading all of this Haiku craziness. Now I don't see any way that this could possibly be used by him to defend himself with paypal, but it does seem very odd to me that he's asking for such random amounts of money from people (ex. was $4.22 that he needed in the "takeaway" thread which he then turned into a "contest.") I don't know if he was trying to show some sort of odd payment pattern or what, just seems awfully strange to me.

I've been reading all of these threads about the whole Haiku deal. This ones strikes me as strange. When you look at the odd dollar amount that he's asking for, it almost seems as if he's setting up his paypal to have a transaction history of very odd dollar amounts. Notice the .22 cents tacked on here. Seems similar to the .22, .33, .44, etc. on the large lots he took everyone for. Now I don't know any way in hell paypal would buy some garbage like that from him, but it just strikes me as funny this numbers pattern. Just my 2 cents.

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