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Originally Posted by Clarka3 View Post
haha but seriously, he thinks that Haiku was generally a nice guy. I'm still thinking this was some elaborate prank to figure out who really supports him. if that's true, GBTN is in for a massive payout when the dust settles (that is, if Haiku refunds everybody and it turns out he was jerking people around for shock value).
So upset he will never be back to let us all know he was right Listen i know it has been said over and over but he said the same thing about Haiku refunding.

He would have refunded already. There is only one reason you would tell people to file claims. You have taken out the money or all and are going to drive the account into negative. Just because paypal rules in someone favor does not mean they got refunded.

I am glad gator and haiku can all have great theories posted. However he hitched his cart to that scammer and the way he defended him makes you wonder if he was given something . Which I doubt but I think he was just as weak minded as skatem
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