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Default Finally Requested Topps Replacement

I guess I will see how this goes for me... I have went back and read the horror stories and successes from others on here.

I have been waiting at least 6 months for a 2012 Museum Collection Momentous Material Jumbo Relic Autograph of Ian Kinsler. This is one of the sweet jumbo patch auto's #/10. I called today about Bowman Draft issues and finally asked for a replacement after being told there are still no updates on the card.

Has anyone else replaced one of these patches and how did it go? I know there were quite a few redemptions among the set.



Almost 2 months later the replacement finally showed... well the swift kick to the mid section showed.

Rick Porcello Triple Threads Auto/Jersey #/10... Last one sold for $7 in auction and the patch on the one I got isn't even as nice.

Just beyond frustrating, had multiple offers of $80-100 when the Kinsler card came out. Will be sending it back to Topps with a letter.


I guess the first slap in the face wasn't bad enough... Here was the 2nd replacement they sent me.


March 4th... Finally received something comparable, I will add scans tonight...

Brian McCann 2012 Museum Collection Momentous Material Jumbo Relic Autograph #/10

and a Chris Sale Topps Marquee Titantic Threads Auto Jersey #/10

Pathetic it took 3 tries, $10 in postage, and 2 and 1/2 months, but glad that is my last and final Topps Redemption card, will never make that mistake again.
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