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Originally Posted by thecomebacker View Post
Yea, agreeing with OJ here. WTF did Haiku promised to send you in return for all those super high-end cards in your PC? Thats like 50% of you PC!!! Thats Crazy!

Also, can you explain this thread where you responded to a Haiku KD giveaway thread before Haiku even posted the card and the pic??? (at the best case scenerio, I think he gave you a "head-ups" on some of these "quick sale/ giveaways to earn your trust......and at worst....who knows.). Please note, I am not accusing you one way or the other....but I think you have some explaining to do before members help get your cards back for you.

Lolwut...things (actual evidence) that don't make sense about the situation...
He probably got a deal of a life time for some crazy high end cards and quickly did the trade and sent his half out without even thinking twice. He fell for the scam. Its unfortunate, and I have no sympathy. But now everyone else is forced to eat their losses because of his mistake.

If I had asked you to send me those cards would you have done so? No way in hell. So why did you send them to Haiku? Without even getting anything in return or protecting yourself? What happend to make you so naive in doing this?
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