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Originally Posted by JK8283 View Post
Holy crap - to the OP, I'm really sorry to hear all this happened and I hope you get at least some of this stuff back.

To the rest of you - I've literally tried to piece together what Haiku did for the past 20 minutes or so but can't quite figure it out from all the massive threads. He conned several people in high end trades, but what is this I hear about these outrageous giveaways? How did this whole operation go down?

Once again, OP I feel badly for you, you seem like a good guy from what I've seen. Would just be helpful to hear a short synopsis of what happened so others can avoid falling into a similar trap in the future.
He made 2 topics, not one but two topics about Holiday Lots, and guess what they were, mystery lots going for hundreds and some in the thousands, and all the gullible football people fell for this scam. Too bad I don't frequent the football board enough, I wished this guy tried it here on the bball forum, would know he's a scammer right away.
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