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Originally Posted by Srt42004n View Post
Same way with Shamus... the ratings will rise come Royal Rumble when they put the Belt on the Rock but where does it go from there... cant see Rock/Taker at WM, but also dont want to waste the time to see Cena/Rock II...putting the belt on Ziggler would be like D. Bryan winning it...all over... seems like Orton cant stay healthy, Rey M is on his way out... last nights Raw was decent but the old timers could have been better...personally i could careless about Dreamer...and the ADR face turn was a two week thing happened so fast so it was way to predictable.
Agree 100%. They really have no idea what to do wih ADR. First, he was a face, then an in between type guy and then a few months ago they made him a full out heel, now a face turn. They have messed with his character too much/too fast IMO. When Rock comes back it should be a boost, also Brock will be back for a WM build soon. Dreamer is a bum, but got over huge being in ECW land. Boogy man just came out and walked down the ramp, then commercial. I just don't see any people outside of Ziggler/Bryan that I could see as the face of WWE. It's a real down time for the business IMO.
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