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Originally Posted by tnarg View Post
I just recently completed a deal with mindbinge.

He sent in a one touch and the package was well-protected.

But he didn't ship within 24 hours.

On the fence on whether or not I should use him as an example.

Other than waiting an extra 12 hours to ship, the deal was flawless.

Should I let it go, or should I make an example out of him to show I mean business and he gets a negative itrader?

Wonder how many views this thread will get from all you CSIs in training?
Did you explicitly say to him that you would neg him if he didn't ship within 24 hours? I personally like your policy, I follow it 100% of the time as a seller ... but if he didn't just happen to see your eBay/COMC links, then ... I don't know.
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