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Originally Posted by nhsportsguy View Post
By all means, if any of you feel the need to file the PayPal claim, please do so. I am not taking it personally, but I will ask for your strict cooperation that once I either have shipped, or need to ship, you close your claim. Think about it - the money you are locking up has already been spent on the cases, and I need what's left to ship the cards.
I understand what you are saying, can you please provide us an update as to when the cards will be ready? I'm not doing this to be a pain, just trying to get clarification of where we stand with the cards. I was hoping to have them before Christmas as I wanted to use some of them as a gift for a friend of mine, now that won't be able to happen, so I'm just wondering when we can expect them to be mailed by.
Sorry I do not ship to Canada unless you are willing to pay for DC.

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