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Originally Posted by eldavojohn View Post
Ugh, you nebulae hipsters are the worst! The Hubble namesake wasn't even around in 1745! Sure, we were able to put telescopes orbiting the Earth and maybe it's not the purist's idea of stargazing but you cannot deny the awesomeness and depth to which that expanded the visible universe! Wake up and smell the transistors, old timer! Hell, wake up and smell the electricity!
Ahahaha, the sad thing is I'm 20

But I do completely agree with you about the Hubble Telescope. It has been an absolute revelation to viewing the universe beyond us.

The one thing I wish we could do is somehow she through he clouds and atmospheres of planets and see the surfaces of some of them. I am so intrigued as to the surface of Jupiter, if I could view any planet in our solar system it would be Jupiter

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