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Its funny how quickly people forget the "hero" haiku was before this scandal went down. There were entire threads praising this guy for his kindness, how it was such a "stand up guy" now fast forward a week or 2 and people questions fraser for sending him cards?
This could of happened to anyone of the of haiku followers or outsiders who knew him to be a trustworthy board member . Its just unfortunate it happened to fraser in what was such a large trade.
I think its going to be really really difficult to get anything done legally. In the scheme of everything going on I have seen things like this get pushed off to the side just due to all of the things the authorities have going one. Plus it might be hard to substantiate what you actually paid for some of these.
The guy who recommend the PI route might have something, its not traditional and potentially drastic but it might get spark some action
good luck
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