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Originally Posted by gr8azn View Post
So im confused I seen the original post as payment due Dec 30th. And I joined in seeing that. I don't like to pre pay too early from the release date. Now I get an PM saying its due within a week of Active? Please let me know what the deadline is.
when everyone joined the only thing about payments in the OP was the rule about paying within 1 week or on the release date (whichever is sooner). I posted the 30th after we were moved to active because of the holidays.

The 30th is the deadline. Like i put in the PM, it was more a reminder to make sure everyone will still pay and i am not waiting until January to find enough back-ups to fill the break.

If you want to wait until the 30th to pay, that is your choice. I just wanted to send a reminder and find out where we stood. If i worded it wrong or harsh, it was not my intention.

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