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Default Blowout Cards 2012 NFL Week 16 FREE Promo! (CLOSED)

2012 NFL Week 16

The 1st Post with the Correct 3 Players will receive the Following!

FREE! 2009 Upper Deck SP Signature Edition Football Hobby Box!

-Your entry MUST follow in the correct format below to be considered a Valid Entry.
-All selections MUST include the FULL First and Last Name of the player.
-If you write in a vague name (ex: C Johnson) or do not write in your picks in the correct order (1 - Rushing, 2 - Passing, 3 - Receiving), your entry will be null and void.
Absolutely no exceptions will be made!

The Promo:
  1. Pick the Player who will have the Most RUSHING Yards in Week 16
  2. Pick the Player who will have the Most PASSING Yards in Week 16
  3. Pick the Player with the Most RECEIVING Yards in Week 16
1) Rushing - LeSean McCoy
2) Passing - Aaron Rodgers
3) Receiving - Calvin Johnson

The Rules:
1. No purchase necessary to participate.
2. In the event of a tie, the 1st post with the correct entry will receive the giveaway.
3. Your entry must be posted in this thread to participate.
4. All picks must be submitted by 8 PM EST on Saturday, December 22, 2012.
5. You must notify us via email at of your correct entry by 1 PM EST on Wednesday, December 26, 2012. (once informed, we will check your post in the thread to verify)
6. You are not allowed to edit your post or your submission will automatically be voided and your entry will be disqualified. Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS so please make sure your 1st post is correct.
We reserve the right to alter, cancel or change this challenge at any time for any reason.
7. Only 1 entry per person
8. Most importantly...HAVE FUN !

Thanks again for your continued business and support !

Blowout Cards

Congrats to member jmgbaseball who will receive the FREE Box from the Blowout Cards 2012 NFL Week 16 FREE Promo!

Please contact to claim your FREE Box!

2009 Upper Deck SP Signature Edition Football Hobby

It's been a fun season thus far and we hope everyone has enjoyed the promo! Stay tuned for the Blowout Cards 2012 NFL Week 17 FREE Promo which should be posted shortly!

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