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What #@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@, seriously. I have 2 eBay ID's, my original "cookiedough1212" and a new 1 I started a few months back "theragingfetus". I want to have 1 for selling and 1 for buying. Anyway, I've never had my 1 account bid on my other. I remember back in the late 90's when I was around 16 or so a few of my friends and I would bid on each others auctions but even then we realized quick how dick it was and stopped. As for it being your kids doing it is #@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@, your kids are selling high end cards instead of you? You didn't realize when you were getting bids that they were coming from your other accounts? Come on man. When I have a bunch of bids on an item I almost always look to see who it is. There's so much schilling going on these days it sucks dearly. eBay basically does nothing for the most part. I've refused to pay for a coulpe items recently where after the auction ended I looked and the previous 43 bids were all by 2 people with feedback of 3 and 4 who went back and fourth by $1 increments till it went over my high bid and then their high bid was retracted and I was high bidder again. I was at first fine with the final ending price anyway but I'm not going to reward someone for doing this so I messaged him and said I wasn't paying. I got the usual threats and then when I threatend to send it to eBay he cancelled purchase. Then the other auction I bid on I emailed the guy asking if I could pay like 10 days out as I was waiting for my check and one of the comments I made was "I really want this card so if you will wait for my payment you get another bidder in the game to up your end price". Well that must have turned the light in his head on because as soon as I placed a bid (I was the first bid) the auction started getting bid up by 2 people, 1 with 0 feedback and 1 with like 8. they bid intensely from morning to night the day the card ended until about 2 minutes before the auction ended when I made a bid to become top bidder and that was the last bid as they didnt want to chance them winning the auction and having to cancel it afterwards drawing more attention. Such crap. Anyway, sorry for my spewage. This schilling stuff is just getting old quick.

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