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Originally Posted by boomo View Post
My skin is pretty thick, only liars really bother me, but i truly wonder why no one here really has anything good to say ever. Youd be surprised how much maybe saying something nice once in a while might make you feel. Or maybe it wouldnt. I sure hope everyone has a nice christmas next week, if we make it to next week
Sorry buddy, but your skin is the exact opposite of thick. You seem to take offense at the slightest criticism that someone points out, even if it's valid.

Like you said before:

Originally Posted by boomo View Post
I really liked it, and minus one certain forum with nothing but negative people, it was a 100% positive experience, so much that i will be doing it again with 13 bowman. It was tiring and i felt some fun new pains in my upper back and neck, but nothing hot showers didn't cure.
So you insult everyone and expect people to be nice to you? You reap what you sow.

PS- Tell Gilmore he looks like a clown for deleting that thread where you told that lady to kill herself.
Mostly gone.
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