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Originally Posted by BengalsJayhawks View Post
I had ordered a binder with my boxes as well. I sent an email and he responded right away saying that Cryptozoic delayed the binders two weeks and once they're received my complete order will be shipped. As with most companies this is standard where your order wont ship until everything is in stock. Also ive preordered from other companies and product was delayed and they never notified me that it was delayed. I understand people being upset with the preorder orders getting cut, but getting mad about what seems to be standard in online box ordering isnt really fair.
He notified me as well that my binder would not be sent with my boxes. Instead of waiting until everything was ready my boxes were sent ahead of the binder. Which is something they didn't have to do... I may be pissed about my box not getting here in the middle of a blizzard, but Matt can't help that the binders got delayed.
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