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Originally Posted by LuckyGriffin3 View Post
yes and whichever one of you just created an ebay account and bought one of my cards to jam me up like that ... thank you for that ... so much for second chances. I paid my penalty, served my time, and learned my lesson.

I'll go away now you guys win. Please don't mess with my listings again. #Whiteflag
Originally Posted by houdini View Post
I know who it was!

Through painstaking research and indepth sleuthing, I found someone has created several accounts to bid on your items:

eBay Feedback Profile for rrr46dab

eBay Feedback Profile for 310tomtram

eBay Feedback Profile for dooooooooood

eBay Feedback Profile for sundown9000

This person also has two different Blowout accounts:

Blowout account #1

Blowout account #2

That person is.... you.
This needs it's own thread!!!
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