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Originally Posted by itsinusall View Post
No joke at all. Lets face it, ebay really doesn't make much effort at all to stop the practice, right. Well a States Attorney General loves to hold press conferences and they actually hold people accountable. I will forward all the information. To the ICB, and the states attorney general(which ever state is implicated from Ebay account)

Some people have been sentenced to jail, along with some petty fines, for these business practices. Hey alot of States need money

Will some of This be a waste of time, sure. No more so, then reading about it once or twice a week.
really man? attorney generals?

In all actuality shillers really benefit in no way. once in a while they get lucky, but most of the time they just win back thier own card over and over and look like twits. I have been on ebay for 15 years and really have never found evidence of it being any kind of plus to the seller. Now i guess for some buyers they might not get a card they want, but no worry seller still has it, just email them nicely and ask if they actually want to sell the card or just waste money hitting relist
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