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I am not much of a hockey fan until the post season rolls around. However it still sickens me to see a professional sports league full of millionaires and billionaires who cant seem to figure this out. It would be different if this was the NFL as they would still come back strong the following year. However this is hockey and the owner and players need to realize that they arent one of the big dawgs anymore no matter how much they want to be. Also, did anyone see that espn article about this? The NHLPA says they will meet if the NHL wants to meet, the NHL said they would meet only if the conditions are right. This sounds like one of these petty breakup stories you hear about. 'Oh I am not gonna call him until he calls me and apologizes first...Oh I am not gonna call her until she calls me and apologizes first.' Both sides just whine and moan instead of just getting together and working things out. These owners and players need to get their #@#@#@es together in a room and hammer out an agreement and get this season going. Everyone involved is losing money, respect, and the fans
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