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Originally Posted by fullmetal View Post
You better edit your SNTL post. Come back and bite you in the butt. I won't quote the comment.

The formation of Lectric Power in Neveda?

Yahoo Finance lists this company with only three employees. Are they about to fire one?
No need to as all information is public and can be found out via calling the company.
I dont know anymore then anyone who has not done their dd.(if your hinting at inside info ) I dont play like that!
Speculation from my own conclusions is what I am playing on based of off public info.
Watch how it trades and you can see the load lines and accum area as well as about 200k that were shorted (not sure if covered) but if you follow it you can get a good idea of where its going and when it may trend down.
Obvious 50 crossing the 200 ma is a nice goldencross action and any day uplisting which was prd already.

I could be wrong about the stock but its a penny play and I like the risk/reward option here. I am not betting the farm and I am not playing with money I can't afford to lose.

Another one to watch out for is THQI. I have made some good money shorting it and feel the .40 price its at could at least make you a double 2moro so I will be watching it open bell to see the action. Get in and out and secure those profits!

Lastly my longest play is SLV... Half of my profits from any trades go into SLV.
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