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Originally Posted by monkeymcgee View Post
Oh by all means, I agree. I can't stay away. And I'm ashamed of that fact

And maybe the Blowout Detective Agency uncovers the clue that cracks the case, but all signs point to no. And if we do, the path to that clue is still littered with the discarded half-cocked theories and carpet forensics, as well as the reputations of people accused without much evidence of anything.
Want to know what really gets me?

I can accept the theory that Haiku worked alone, essentially, in scamming people out of money. I can accept that several people were buttered up and duped into becoming his BOBFs, and that they were then tremendously let down and betrayed. But what I absolutely cannot accept is that the people that were "close" to Haiku on this forum are not revealing everything they know about Haiku and their relationships with him, along with everything that Haiku said and did along the path of duping them ... from the quick-sales, to the phone calls and text messages, and anything else in between.

Example: There is some evidence that Haiku ran quick-sales and contests, having alerted certain members beforehand that said sales and contests would be run, allowing them to gain an advantage. Was it all part of a setup to deal with only a certain small group of duped members? Sure, why not. But if we go by this theory and assume that everyone except Haiku is innocent, then these people should be more than willing to share everything that ever went on behind the scenes ... and I believe that there is a ton more to be shared.
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