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Thanks for everyone's patience, wife was working from home today on the laptop so I had limited access. Here is the entire listing;

Having scanner issues with the in-laws scanner right now but will get the bigger hits posted within the next 24 hours.

Case 1;

Box 1
BB; Gilmour auto
RC; 88-89 OPC Turgeon
Auto; 1979 OPC Wilf Paiement
Art; Bower 27/40

Box 2
BB; Mosienski/Lumley dual jersey
RC; 05-06 BD Cam Ward
Auto; 1982 OPC Dave Christian
Art; Lemieux 2 color 2/40

Box 3
BB; Gretzky jersey stick (nasty stick piece)
RC; 91-92 UD Palffy
Auto; 86 OPC Dirk Graham
Art; Lafontaine 34/40 (big two color seam)

Box 4
BB; R. Francis 2 color jersey
RC; 05-06 Ultra Lundqvist
Auto; 1984 OPC Mike Rogers
Art; Beliveau 3/10 two color seam

Case 2

Box 1
BB; Nystrom auto
RC; 90-91 Score Roenick
Auto; 86 OPC Don Daoust
Art; Barilko 10/10 (skate)

Box 2
BB; 08-09 H&P Doughty auto
RC; 02-03 BAP Spezza
Auto;77 Topps Bob Dailey
Art; Bower 20/40

Box 3
BB; Bret Hull jersey
RC; 05-06 BD Parise
Auto; 77 Topps Nystrom
Art; Hextall 34/40 2 color seam

Box 4
BB; 99-00 BAP Chelios auto
RC; 03-04 BAP N. Horton
Auto; 81 Topps Brad Park
Art; Ovechkin The Goal 36/40

Case 3;

Box 1
BB; Gary Suter auto
RC; 77-78 OPC Glenn Sharpley
Auto; 79 OPC Larry Potey
Art; 1/1 Gordie Howe (Aeros two color seam jersey)

Box 2
BB; BTP Sean Burke (dual mem - thick pad piece)
RC; 05-06 Ultra Richards
Auto; 79 Topps Jim Schoenfeld
Art; Lindbergh 33/40 (pad piece)

Box 3
BB; 10-11 Decades Messier auto
RC; 05-06 Ultra Vanek
Auto; 81 Topps Pat Riggin
Art; Fog Game 7/40 (Parent jersey piece)

Box 4
BB; Sakic jersey
RC; 03-04 BAP Bergeron
Auto; 1982 OPC Fuhr RC auto
Art; Parent 11/40

Case 4

Box 1
BB; M. Naslund auto
RC; 74-75 OPC John Wright
Auto; 1982 OPC Steve Konroyd
Art; 1/1 dual Memorabilia Sawchuk/Bower

Box 2
BB; Potvin triple jersey
RC; 05-06 BD Lundqvist
Auto; 1986 OPC RC Wendell Clark
Art; Lanny McDonald 28/40

Box 3
BB; Parent BTP dual memorabilia
RC; 06-07 BD Phil Kessel
Auto; 1975 Lars-Erik Sjoberg
Art; Saku Koivu 7/10 (2 color)

Box 4
BB; 04-05 H&P Perreault auto
RC; 02-03 Parkhurst retro Bouwmeester
Auto; 1986 OPC Rich Sutter
Art; Bobby Hull 1/10 (nameplate patch)

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