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Originally Posted by Mizzurawar View Post
So It's been a while since i've used COMC. I quit because a lot of changes that I did not agree with were getting put in place earlier this year. However it seems some of those things never materialized or were retracted and I'm seriously considering coming back.

My question. What sorts of cards are selling for you guys on a regular basis? Is it mostly high price stuff like Autos/GU? Or mostly base and inserts? Hottest sport selling right now? How often a week are you getting hit up for sales?

I just want to know the temp of the water before I get back in. I'm thinking I'll start with an assortment of 07-09 A&G minis and mini parallels. Think there is interest in stuff like that?

All kinds of stuff sells - most of my inventory is low end cards, mostly inserts and parallels, and I get a few buyers a day usually. It's really random sometimes. This week I sold a bunch of 2005 UD All-Star Classics base cards of stars and veterans, lots of random football inserts from '07-'09, a few football inserts from 1996, and a bunch of '05 Topps baseball gold parallels. I'm guessing most of the low-end buyers are set builders or player collectors, but there's plenty of interest in higher end cards as well.
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