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Originally Posted by Qwasian View Post
I am wrong about "EVERYTHING"........ the thread is a 3 ring circus..... Im just having fun playing along with you fun guys....... message boards are for entertainment man, you don't fight crime on a message board. I mean? even if you did solve this thing, what does that mean? what would you do? we could all figure it out and get it solved, it's not going to make your card collecting any better. what resolution are you really seeking? you are in a 177 page thread and not a moderator, administrator, person with any authority what so ever in sight...... what did you really think was going to happen? this isn't where you go to file your complaint, if that's your agenda, you made a wrong turn.

I still do want to be buddies though
Riiiignt. You are not trying to be super duper crime solver...

Once again do not address the fact yesterday you had it figured out. But you were wrong, but today you have it figured out. With no chance you could be wrong again.

Nope, you would never do that. Just keep trying to be the "funny" guy when anyone calls out your BS.
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