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Originally Posted by JOHNJOHNNY View Post
This entire product is a rape, everyone has been getting it.

If it's not about buying and selling so you can buy more, than why not just buy singles and make sure you get decent hits if you are a collector? That way you can BUY WHO YOU COLLECT.

Why is it with cards people act Like it is a great thing to buy something and hope you get something nice. We don't do that with any other thing in life. I'm gonna spend $500 on a tv, I may get a 19 inch black and white or I could get a 50 inch plasma. I'm gonna spend $100,000 on a house, am I gonna get one in the ghetto or $1 million dollar houses.

If you are a collector, then you should be spending most of your money buying actual things that you collect.
the manufacturers are not in the business of selling you something you can flip for more money than they sold it to you. it's gambling. it's not like buying a tv. it's not like buying a house. you know what you're getting when you buy those things. opening wax is like scratching a lotto ticket. if you judge products by their potential to resell good luck making money and enjoying the hobby.

and get a life btw. when you troll something and people respond, acting like a dick isn't really redeeming.
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