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First of all, learn the definition of a troll. Someone stating their opinion on a box break is not trolling.

No one said the manus were in the business of giving you good boxes, do you always just pull random stuff out of your azz? My response was to the people saying maybe he is a collector. Ok well maybe he now knows not to bust this crappy product again and just buy what he collects. Problem solved. As a matter of fact that is what I said from the very beginning- THE manufacturer gave him (along with most everyone else) a crappy box-THE END.

What world you live in, we all judge a prodcut by either return potential or collecting potential. If a product has a lot of cards of a team or player you collect then it could be good for you. If a product has 10% return potential money wise then it is not good for case busters. You do realize there are collectors and people who buy/sell don't you. If you are a collector you need the case buster so that you card will hit the market. If you are a case buster you need the collector to BUY YOUR CARD AT GOOD PRICES, so you can continue to bust cases. How old are you, why am I explaining this to you.

I'm sorry people got all butthurt, but go ahead and change your tampon and get all that sand out of your vagina.

Fact is Absolute is a horrible break this year compared to the previous years. I'm glad the TS got a couple cards he liked but he, like everyone else who has opened this product got killed. That is one of the benefits of people posting their breaks on here. We the consumers get to see how the overall value is looking for a given product. Then people either say it is a good or bad break. That is what this section is for. I'm sorry he got the second worst selling HOFer there is and a mid level player patch and an amazing #/25 card.WOW. BUT If he is happy with it COOL. He is the one who spent his money.

It was an indictment on the box/product not the TS you douche.

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