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Originally Posted by boomo View Post
really man? attorney generals?

In all actuality shillers really benefit in no way. once in a while they get lucky, but most of the time they just win back thier own card over and over and look like twits. I have been on ebay for 15 years and really have never found evidence of it being any kind of plus to the seller. Now i guess for some buyers they might not get a card they want, but no worry seller still has it, just email them nicely and ask if they actually want to sell the card or just waste money hitting relist
Bigboyd auctions go for a "premium" do they not. That an when a card goes to auction, I will not email any seller after the fact. Why enable a corrupt seller, by corrupt I mean they are breaking Laws of this country.

We are a nation of laws, and ultimately those laws come down to technicalities.
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