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Originally Posted by rojallad View Post
I'm asking because I want to max sv, not because I'm being cornered into a sale. I didn't spend anything for is card do, nothing to recoup. I understand your point on grading. However, do you think a potential buyer wold feel more comfortable spending a premium knowing the card is not flawed? Just wondering.

Best offer now is$2500.00 PayPal so that's like selling it on eBay bin $2600.
As a buyer I would love for you to grade it cause if I were to offer you $2500it'll be for that card either raw or at a 10. So save yourself the time and $ and let the buyer pay for BGS. It looks in decent enough condition.

Don't risk it coming back a 9 and the buyer backing out.

If someone is willing to go $2500 raw, they'd go 3K. Also, I personally like the RC logos on the cards. Sure there not the BC 1st's but IMO still very collectible.
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