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Originally Posted by rojallad View Post
I'm asking because I want to max sv, not because I'm being cornered into a sale. I didn't spend anything for is card do, nothing to recoup. I understand your point on grading. However, do you think a potential buyer wold feel more comfortable spending a premium knowing the card is not flawed? Just wondering.

Best offer now is$2500.00 PayPal so that's like selling it on eBay bin $2600.
As a buyer I would love for you to grade it cause if I were to offer you $2500it'll be for that card either raw or at a 10. So save yourself the time and $ and let the buyer pay for BGS. It looks in decent enough condition.

Don't risk it coming back a 9 and the buyer backing out.

If someone is willing to go $2500 raw, they'd go 3K. Also, I personally like the RC logos on the cards. Sure there not the BC 1st's but IMO still very collectible.
VALUE is determined somewhere in between what BUYER is willing to spend and what SELLER is willing to take. EBAY means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to me
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