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To be honest, and I've read similar personal experiences with Chicago All Stars, I never pulled anything worthwhile at that shop. Graf owners were more inviting to the store front and more pleasant to deal as well. I contacted Tim last week and requested availability of at least 6 products, and was told that "a regular cleaned me out." Dave's was by the far the best. Good prices, nice guy and would always have solid selection. It's unfortunate but I may have to travel outside the city limits to find myself some wax thsi afternoon!


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I don't believe any are really around anymore....

Graf was soooooooo much better than when Chicago All-Stars took over...I'm glad Chicago Allstsrs closed up, you never knew if they were going to be open or not and it just didn't seem like a friendly place.

Tims is okay, but not a great selection of stuff

Dave's closed up 2 years ago and was by far my favorite place....

Big johns I believe is also closed and they only sell online

AU Sports is still around...they moved from their old (very unorganized) dempster location to the village crossing shopping strip in skokie, went there a few times, not friendly, not a lot of unopened wax to buy, they have since moved again to another location, either on oakton, dempster or golf...can't remember which one, but I saw it as I was driving by

Theres a small shop in Golf Mill mall....prices seem high though, looks geared more to gaming than sports

Gotta venture out to Chicagoland sports in Buffalo grove, but haven't made it out there...
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