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Originally Posted by darealstunna View Post
I wouldn't sell it for less than $3000 right now.

Spring training $4000.

Anything after that the card would likely increase (playoffs, AS's, WS's, on a good team)

$$$ is not an issue...they will pay.

1-Nat's have a growing fan base.
2-Harper commercials will be plentiful increasing his popularity.
3-A BC product with the RC logo on it.

You're in the driver's seat on this one.

If you are asking what to do that usually means you need your arm twisted, so don't do it.

I wouldn't get it graded either unless you were keeping it and wanted a nice display/ extra protection. It's a 1/1 and from what a potential buyer can see is in legit condition adding attractiveness of a possible pristine. Let the buyer get it graded.

Worse case scenario, take the 2K in 3 months.
This ^ The value will always be there at 2000 in 3-6 months. I would hold and maybe grade and take the chance of getting more out of it then 2K

Edit-read offer of 2500 tough call but, I would send for grading have them only slab it if it is 9.5 or better then sell for 3K
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