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Originally Posted by TOMBB25 View Post
Alright, now I can get these all packed up, got a head start at work today!

I submitted for another break for Sterling, I have to admit, I really like this product, here is the break down:

105 Draftable Slots
88 Prospect and Rookie Autographs (Some High Risk - 88 Total spots)
Box of Non-Auto Rookies & Prospect Base and Parallels (8 spots)
NIL Inserts - (1 spot for all cases)
NIL Auto's - (1 spot - High Risk)
Nickname Auto's - (1 spot all cases - High Risk)
Auto Boxloaders - ( 1 spot all cases- High Risk)
Bowman Black ( 1 spot all cases- High Risk)
Perfect Game & Under Armour Auto's ( 1 spot all cases- High Risk)
Dual Auto's - 1 spot for all cases
Sterling Reg and Auto's - 1 spot for all cases
All Prospect Challenge code cards - 8 total typically
Great job with this break. Let me know if the 2nd one goes through. I'm in if you do.
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