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Originally Posted by ballcards23 View Post
Quick question. I've been selling on comc for a couple weeks now. Do you guys constantly have cards that you have already priced, pop back up and say they need pricing?

I'm curious why this happens. At first I thought that somebody hijacked my account. So I changed my password. Then it happened again tonight. 2 more cards I just had added to my account that I priced on Sat. Popped back up again needing pricing tonight. Any clue?
anytime there is a change in the BV, your cards that are effected will be "de-listed" for your to update the selling price. It doesn't always work this way and you should get an email from one of the guys at COMC with a PDF list of the price changes. It is pretty sporadic sometimes and a lot of the times you may not even see the price changes. It seems to happen with the new stuff and when a guy goes hot or cold more often. I just had a ton of Maclins and Maroney's shift up and down over the past couple of weeks. It is normal for this to happen.
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