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So this doesn't quite copy/paste well from Excel, but here's a listing of everyone's DC #'s. GoBeavs, I have two shipments coming your way since it was easier for me just to ship your Celtics in one and the T-Wolves in another. Thanks again everyone!

Blazers bk21yadigg 9416509699937388584678
Bobcats Straw44 9405509699937388440251
Bucks Ravenhead42 9400109699939398590787
Bulls JPR248 9405509699937388449179
Cavaliers Rpetrovi LK024316747US (Priority Mail International)
Celtics GoBeavs 9400109699939398814999
Clippers nordy22 9400109699937388565296
Grizzlies Rpetrovi x
Hawks zw15 9400109699939398557292
Heat Swivelhip 9400109699939398796479
Hornets KB81 9405509699939398545216
Jazz jlcherry2477 9400109699939398610867
Kings sportzkid 9400109699939398564559
Knicks lnaminshall 9400109699939398553560
Lakers Rpetrovi x
Magic Rpetrovi x
Mavericks hester72598 9400109699937388563261
Nets JPR248 x
Nuggets DodgyTrousers 9400109699938339637321
Pacers KB81 x
Pistons KB81 x
Raptors Straw44 x
Rockets wfrazier 9400109699939398606952
76ers FLMARLIN 9400109699939398561206
Spurs Gohansmy 9400109699939398811455
Suns Parky755 9400109699937388580299
Thunder JFray 9400109699938339534033
Timberwolves GoBeavs 9400109699937388574724
Warriors jprk31 9400109699937388444065
Wizards ripandlist 9400109699937388455849
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