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Originally Posted by boomo View Post
im still not sure the complaint, i show the cards. i never hide cards.
but you guys are puppet shows, i am not. and not one person has ever complained to me about it outside of here. we all saw what happened to that exquisite guy a few years back. I wonder if he has come out of his house yet. I do this full time and do not have a job to go to, nor do i want one.
Ill stick with being an honest breaker no one has reason to doubt, cept here i guess. No prob, cant please everyone and no one has to join.
Dear Lord...."It's not me, it's just all of you guys".

I've never seen a person less able to take criticism in an adult fashion. Congrats.

Fact is you frequently have the cards off camera (For example: when you pulled the super, the card was off-camera for a long period of time.) Again, nobody is accusing you of doing anything malicious, but I think it's a valid request/criticism to keep the damn cards on camera, like every other legitimate breaker does.

Just because you break "stacks and stacks" and "millions" doesn't mean that common decency doesn't apply.
Mostly gone.
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