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Originally Posted by pigeonsbaseball View Post

I would love to be in on this but im not for the reasons above and i think some of the people signed up dont understand how this currently works.

Houdini having been in a bunch of your fantastic breaks my humble recommendation is forget the vote and just do what you normally do and lay the terms out.

There are so many people that love/hate - draft/random i think this will fill this up quickly if it was defined.

Just a thought....

The reason that I wanted to give the option is because I personally prefer drafts, but I am not joining the break.

Draft puts your fate more in your own hand to a degree, but a random is just plain easier - on the host and participants.

For that reason, let's go random. The vote has certainly swung that way anyway.

Thanks all and sorry for making this convoluted - I did not mean that.

Merry Christmas!

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