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I've dealt with Bars and Bar and the prices are always great. I bought a lot of 3 cards a while back, a Reyes Triple Threads Auto /75, David Price Triple Threads auto /50 and a Cliff Lee Triple Threads Auto /99 for $45 DLVD and sold the Price a week later for $40 by itself. I've also tried to deal with Marlinscards and every time you agree on a deal with him after 6 hours over being haggled over a buck right away he will haggle some more. It will be something like you get a message saying "if you do it for 21 dlvd i guess ill do it"... The you respond "ok so were good at $21 DLVD then. Here's my PayPal". 2 minutes later you get a PM that says "I don't really need the card, if you will go to 19 ill do it". Also, he says he's a kid and on a budget. Isn't this the same kid on a budget that posted pics of his Josh Johnson collection consisting of some ridiculously high end VERY pricy JJ cards? I'm so tired of this crap.

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