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I've dealt with Bars and Bar and the prices are always great. I bought a lot of 3 cards a while back, a Reyes Triple Threads Auto /75, David Price Triple Threads auto /50 and a Cliff Lee Triple Threads Auto /99 for $45 DLVD and sold the Price a week later for $40 by itself. I've also tried to deal with Marlinscards and every time you agree on a deal with him after 6 hours over being haggled over a buck right away he will haggle some more. It will be something like you get a message saying "if you do it for 21 dlvd i guess ill do it"... The you respond "ok so were good at $21 DLVD then. Here's my PayPal". 2 minutes later you get a PM that says "I don't really need the card, if you will go to 19 ill do it". Also, he says he's a kid and on a budget. Isn't this the same kid on a budget that posted pics of his Josh Johnson collection consisting of some ridiculously high end VERY pricy JJ cards? I'm so tired of this crap.
BAUER BAUER AND MORE BAUER, AUTOS, NON AUTOS, WHATVER, IF THE FIRST NAME IS TREVOR AND THE LAST IS BAUER AND ITS ON A CARD, I WANT IT!!! Looking for Matt Davidson AUTOS, Justin Upton 5pc /10 2010 Topps Sterling Lengendary Relics Auto (LLAR-18).
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