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Originally Posted by jrlebert View Post
Vintage, easy man. He's very new to the site. Obviously a veteran like yourself, of about 200 more posts than him, is already quite skilled in the ways of the BO forums.

No need to blast the guy. I, for one, am glad I found the thread, because I PC Moore, the 3rd string QB on the Lions.

Brandon, just follow the bumping rules, or else you'll get yourself in to some trouble. Vintage, chill out. I obviously know what I am talking about. I have about 90 more posts, and was on this site a whole month longer than you.
Oh yes.. You are an expert.... Im glad you are happy about him forcing his mediocre at best break to the top of the board... SOOOOOOO what if every one decided to do a 9 AM bump(one of many) to make sure EVERY BO member saw???... God I could see it if the card was even good or the story was exciting.. The card is a 3 dollar pile of crap and a loss on the box... He was told about bumping and did it and did it and did it..... god my rant is bumping this even more.... Why dont you guys PM each other and slobber over Kellen moore and clear the top of the break boards for people who want to see the new breaks.....
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